The life and times of a real 30 year Las Vegas Pawn Shop Veteran .....As Seen on TV!

Pawn Place is not a TV series, nor is it 'reality.' It is, however, the REAL experiences and stories of my 30 years in the pawn industry in Las Vegas. Those experiences have taught me a lot about a lot. And that training, knowledge and experience is what gives me an edge and helped me to be chosen as a Real Deal dealer in a new reality series called Real Deal on the History channel. If you are looking for make-believe, this isn't it. Go look for a 'star' if you want that. Not that I don't enjoy a good story, but real life is FAR more interesting. And far more real. Without having to call in 'an expert.' The Real Deal.


For me, working in a pawn shop is more than a job. It is my lifestyle. It is even where I got my wife. Right after she came out of pawn. True story. And we have been married now for over 20 years and have two sons together, so who says you can't get something priceless in a pawn shop!

Most people don't understand just what a pawn shop is and isn't. Or what we do or don't do. I run into this daily. The most recent was on Facebook in a thread with an attorney about some laws and politics. For some reason, he felt that anything I had to say wasn't worth a thing because, after all, I 'just work in a Vegas pawn shop' (direct quote) and therefore didn't know anything about anything. Hollyweird has done a great job at misinformation and they haven't done much to change the wrongs. That is part of what I hope to do here.

I am a pawn broker, a coin dealer, a firearms instuctor for handguns, rifles and machine guns and a gun shop manager. In there someplace, I also get to play with all kinds of antiques, collectables and just plain fun stuff. And I get to put on my red suit towards the end of the year. SantaEvery day is different, every customer is a new experience for me. One of the many things I get to do every day is to help people choose the right firearm for personal protection. I am unapologetic in my support of people owning firearms and I am proud to say that I have sold many, many thousands of them over the years. I also get to work with and train many of those individuals so they can obtain a concealed firearms permit. Yes, you can get one too, if you are a US citizen or resident alien - even if you don't live in Nevada.

Pawn brokers all around the world have many stories to tell. But there is a certain mystic about Vegas. Fast times. Fast cash. Faster women. Elvis. Sinatra. Movies and TV shows. We all have an idea of what Vegas is and isn't. But it is different when you live and work here, instead of staying the weekend. Apollo Believe it or not, we don't all live in hotels and don't eat all of our meals at the buffet. (OK, I do like prime rib and all-you-can-eat crab leg night.) We actually have families, are well educated, go to church, work with the Boy Scouts and drive old trucks. You won't find a swimming pool or a palm tree at my home, but I do have fruit trees and bee hives in the back yard. I've never personally owned a Rolex, a gold chain or a diamond ring. We really do pay real cash money for the items we have out for sale - no one just walks in and gives us what we have our for sale. And 115 degrees is HOT. You never fully 'aclimate' to it. Even if it is a 'dry heat.'

And now, along comes the TV series. I was contacted by quite a few different producers for over half a dozen shows. Yes, even that other Las Vegas based show. But our show is MUCH better. It is the Real Deal. They contacted me because of my experience and knowledge as a pawn broker. fourThey looked at quite a few different people from this industry and related fields from all across the country to find dealers that would be able to make a deal and who would have a WIDE range of knowledge on all sorts of items. The show is totally unscripted and very real. None of us have seen the items that we try to make a deal on, until it is walked onto the set. No help, no research staff feeding us information about an item, no nothing but what we have in our heads. Our responses are real, warts and all. Real dealers, real sellers, real items and our own real cash. This should prove to be interesting. :-)

So read along if you like. Feel free to make a comment which may even get posted, unedited, if I think it is relevent. dueling pistols Or even if it isn't. I hope to be making almost daily additions but I'll ask right up front - bear with me as I get this going and organized. While friends and family are long time 'bloggers' this is my first attempt. I haven't written anything on a regular basis since the 80's when I hosted a couple of weekly talk radio shows and did a monthly column in a magazine. So there are bound to be growing pains. :-0

Episode Guide

The season premiere was Sun. Nov. 27 at 9pm, with two episodes. The next evening, Mon Nov 28, there were an additional episode at 11PM following the season premiere of Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Please watch and TIVO, which will help our ratings!

Football Frenzy Sunday Nov 27 9PM

electro therapyTroy's hoping to get his hands on the same ride Elvis and Frank Sinatra used to wheel around in; a 1960s Mark II in mint condition. Chip is in the director's chair and debating how much American tender he's willing to produce for a U.S. Army projector from the 1960s. Glen takes a shockingly long look at a home electrotherapy machine that dates back to 1904. And Jason's hoping to catch some footballs autographed by some of the NFL's brightest stars. The sellers will have to decide whether they want the cold-hard cash on the table or the crapshoot of taking their items to auction, where there are no guarantees

Superhero Showdown Sunday Nov 27 9:30 PM

fossilTroy's trying to get his hands on a vintage bike that dates back to World War II, for a not so vintage price. Chip is trying to cast a net around a golden Spiderman chain, without having to break the bank. Jason's gambling that he can hit the jackpot with a great deal on an antique slot machine. And Glen wants to snap up a pre-historic woolly mammoth tooth without taking too much of a bite out of his budget. The sellers will all have to make a difficult decision. Take the dealer's guaranteed cash money, or roll the dice at auction.

Gunning for GoldMonday November 28 11PM

Jason looks into buying a replica pirate cannon that's been in everything from Mutiny On the Bounty along with all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Chip is gunning to buy an 1892 Springfield Rifle, that's still in good working order. Troy gets a chance to buy a boxing glove signed by some of the greatest fighters of the last hundred years. And Glen's clocking in on a gold pocket watch that dates back to the 1800s. The pressure is on the sellers, as they have to decide what represents the best deal; a dealer's offer, or the risk of auction?

Four Wheeler Feud Sunday Dec 4, 9:00 PM

Troy is salivating over a Korean War Jeep that rolls in and hoping he has enough cash to buy it. Jason has the chance to get his hands on a rare, unpublished, autographed photo of Joe DiMaggio and he's going to dig deep to try and buy this picture of the Yankee Clipper. Chip gets a crack at a set of Polynesian tribal gourds made of animal skin and will stretch his budget to try and bring them home. And Glen takes a shot at purchasing a first edition, first printing book by film great Charlie Chaplin. The dealers will lay hundreds of dollars on the table and the sellers will have to weigh their options carefully before deciding whether they want to walk away with the cash or into the auction, where anything can happen.

Sex(tant) Pistols Sunday Dec 4, 9:30 PM

Chip has a chance to buy a piece of music history, with an album signed by Johnny Cash, the legendary "Man In Black." Jason is looking to land a 19th century navigational device from a man whose story keeps veering off course. dueling pistolsTroy gets up close and personal with a GI Joe toy collectable that dates back to the 1960's. And Glen is shooting for a pair of rare 1830 Belgian percussion dueling pistols. The choice for the sellers is never easy, take the cash in hand or let it go to auction, where the bidders will decide the price.

Knife Fight Monday Dec 5, 11:00 PM

Jason gets a chance to buy a historic hot air engine, but he'll have to rev-up his offers if he wants to bring it home. Troy takes a run at a set of antique toy cars, but it's going to take hundreds of dollars to seal that deal. Chip takes a stab at buying an African tribal dagger with mysterious origins and he'll have to make a deep reach into his wallet to make the sale. Coming in to see Glen is a man with an antique Meerschaum pipe and it's going to take a price for the ages to keep it from going to auction. The sellers will face the most difficult of dilemmas; take the certain cash on the table, or rolling the dice on the crapshoot of auction.

Autograph Anarchy Sunday Dec 11, 9:00 PM

Chip sits down with a man selling an antique anesthesia machine, and nearly passes out at the seller's asking price. Troy takes a shot at buying a Victorian Tantalus that dates back to the 1880s and will command a hefty price. Glen gets eyes on a Harry Houdini autograph and all signs point to him making a serious offer for it. Jason meets with a couple carrying a copy of "The Last Waltz" album, autographed by Bob Dylan and Neil Young and he's going to lay a lot of money on the table to try and make this deal. And the dealers know, if their offers aren't on the money, the sellers will take their items to auction, and let the bidders pick the price.

Comic (Con)frontation Sunday Dec 11, 9:30 PM

A man brings some rare Native American artifacts including a fire starter, which sparks Chip's interest and ignites a big offer. A seller brings Troy a set of highly coveted comic books and he needs to make sure his offer isn't laughable. Jason lights up when a man brings in an early 20th century treasure that doubles as a record player and a lamp, but it's going to cost a pretty penny. Glen hails a seller with an antique Taxi Cab phone that will cost him his "fare" share. The seller's options are clear but the choice is difficult; take the sure money or try their hand at auction.

Motorcycle MeleeSunday Dec 18, 9:00 PM

Troy makes a muscular offer for a 1958 Hercules Motorcycle and it's going to take a feat of real strength for the seller to resist it. A woman brings in an antique switchboard to Glen and he's going to have to dial up some big bucks to get through to her. A guy tries to peddle a 1952 AMF Javeline Bike to Chip and he must ride up the price in order to lock it up. Jason takes a close-up look at an antique photographic device and will really need to focus to determine its value. The challenge of Real Deal lies in knowing where to find the most money, with the dealer's dough on the table or the bidders bucks at auction.

Baseball BrawlSunday Dec 18, 9:30 PM

Chip needs to get in tune with a man selling a zither mandolin guitar and he'll have to hit just the right note to bring it home. Troy wants to get his hands on an antique gas pump, but it's going to take a high-octane offer to seal the deal. Glen hopes to get a handle on a World War II dagger, but he'll need to put down a price for the ages to make it happen. Jason's trying to get a grip on a baseball signed by all-time hits leader Pete Rose, but it's going to take a home run of an offer to get it done. The sellers will be taking long looks at the cash on the table before making their choice: accept the deal, or go to auction.